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Ranking All 2021-22 Premier League Home Kits

After Crystal Palace finally released their new home jersey earlier this week, we want to take a look at all 20 Premier League 2021-22 home shirts and give each jersey its very own grade.

2021-22 Premier League Home Kits Tier List

First off, the 2021-22 Premier League home kits offer a lot of variety, from classy designs to striking jerseys with exceptional design ideas.

The worst 2021-22 Premier League home kits fail because of trying to implement too many design elements or, even worse, atrocious sponsor logos that completely destroy football shirts.

On the other hand, there are really intricate 2021-22 Premier League home jerseys that clearly pursue concrete ideas. Of course, this ranking is subjective and we encourage everybody to share their own opinion.

F Tier: Newcastle & Watford

To be honest, two originally decent football kits were ruined by atrocious sponsor logos.

E Tier: Southampton

The weird collar construction as well as the disgusting sponsor logo are two strong reasons to dislike Southampton's 2021-2022 jersey.

D Tier: Leicester City & Crystal Palace

Leicester City's football shirt is decent at best, but we definitely do not like the camouflage pattern in combination with golden trim. The Crystal Palace 21-22 home shirt has an interesting base concept of diagonal stripes, but the use of three different shades of blue is a bit too much.

C Tier: Chelsea, Brentford, Wolves, Leeds, Liverpool & Tottenham

All C tier kits are in this category for one simple reason: they are average. The only exceptions is Chelsea's 21-22 home shirt with a mesmerizing pattern, but at least it pursues an original idea. In this case the opinions are divided within the team so we put it in the middle of the ranking.

B Tier: Brighton, Burnley, Everton & Manchester City

The B tier kits consist of three jerseys (Burnley, Everton, Man City) staying true to each club's heritage, while also implementing fresh ideas through the means of graphic patterns. Brighton managed to yet again create a simple but effective stripes look you just cannot go wrong with.

A Tier: Arsenal, Norwich & Aston Villa

The football shirts for Arsenal, Norwich and Aston Villa are great since you can see a concrete design idea in each of them. However, they still lack a sense of playful elegance the S tier kits convey.

S Tier: West Ham & Manchester United

It is nothing new that the West Ham x Umbro partnership produced a lot of stunners in recent years, and the Umbro West Ham 21-22 home jersey with its sleek look is no exception.

On top of that, fan favorites Manchester United got a really smart football shirt that convinces with clever details.

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