Sampdoria 21-22 Away Kit Released

Completing the club's set for the upcoming Serie A 21-22 season, Sampdoria's new 2021-22 away kit was just launched.

Sampdoria 21-22 Home Kit Released

Sampdoria 2021-22 Away Shirt

Check out Macron's Sampdoria 2021-22 away jersey below.

The Macron Sampdoria 21-22 away shirt is white with a geometric diagonal stripe in the club's trademark blue, red and black.

The Macron logos on the chest and sleeves of the Macron UC Sampdoria 2021-22 away jersey are blue, matching the color of the cuffs.

Blue shorts and white socks complete the new Macron UC Sampdoria 21-22 away kit.

Available since August 6, the Macron Sampdoria 2021-2022 away jersey retails at €88.

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Made by Macron. What's your verdict on Sampdoria's away jersey? Comment below.