Adidas Colombia Kit Deal Extended Until 2030 - Adidas Interested In Other National Teams In Latin America

Adidas have renewed the sponsorship with the Colombian National Team, it has been revealed by LA FM and Antena 2 by Carlos Antonio Vélez.

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Adidas have been making Colombia's kits since 2011. The previous kit deal was valid until 2022.

Adidas To Make Colombia Kits Until 20230 - Deal Worth More Than 75 Million USD

The extended Adidas Colombia kit deal is valid until 2030 and worth more than US 75 million in total according to Carlos Antonio Vélez.

For the negotiation of the deal, the leaders of the Colombian Football Federation traveled to Germany to talk with senior executives of the company.

Adidas want to sponsor more national teams in Latin AmericaAdidas have "also shown great interest in establishing partnerships with other national teams in Latin America". Adidas make the kits for Argentina, Colombia, and Chile (since September 2021).

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