Unreleased Adidas X Ghosted+ Tsubasa Boots Leaked

The first pictures showing the top-tier Adidas X Ghosted "Captain Tsubasa" boots, which were never released, got leaked today via AR Soccer Shop.

Originally set to be launched for the 2020 Olympics, the Adidas X Ghosted+ Tsubasa *cleats were ultimately canned by Adidas as the brand ended up only releasing a couple of takedown models based on the concept.

Spectacular Adidas X Ghosted Captain Tsubasa Boots Revealed

adidas X Ghosted+ Tsubasa - Red / Black

Here are the new adidas X Ghosted+ Tsubasa football shoes.

The unreleased adidas X Ghosted+ Tsubasa football boots are bright red / pink with black logos as well as subtle scenes from the popular manga printed across the upper.

Tsubasa Oozora can be seen wearing the Japan 2020 home kit on these prints, once on the outstep and another time on the instep, joined by his team-mates. This is restricted to just the right shoe as the left features a female team.

Adidas' new X Ghosted+ Tsubasa cleats will never be released after they were cancelled in 2020.

In terms of tech, the new adidas X Ghosted+ Tsubasa football boots are identical to the first edition.

adidas X Ghosted+ Tsubasa - Details

  • Status: Unreleased
  • Planned release date August 2020
  • Colorway Red / Black

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