Boca Juniors Teamgeist Shirt Released

The Adidas Boca Juniors 2022 Teamgeist jersey was officially unveiled today.

In the unlikely case that you somehow missed it, Adidas have launched a selection of Teamgeist shirts for many of its sponsored teams, including of course the "elite" range of Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid, but also Ajax, Boca and Celtic.

Adidas 2021-22 Teamgeist Jerseys Released - Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid & More

Boca Juniors 2022 Teamgeist Shirt

Check out Adidas' Boca Juniors 2022 Teamgeist football shirt below.

The Adidas Boca Juniors 2022 Teamgeist jersey introduces a smart look in white, blue and yellow, based on the iconic 2006 World Cup template.

A trademark feature of the template, the Adidas logo on the Adidas Boca Juniors 2022 Teamgeist jersey sits centrally on the chest, colored blue, with the club badge offset to the left. More blue and yellow trim is present on the collar, sleeves and sides of the shirt.

The new Boca Juniors 2022 Teamgeist shirt and collection were launched on December 2, 2021.

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