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Brøndby 21-22 Europa League Kit Released

Brøndby IF's new 2021-22 Europa League jersey was released yesterday. It is made by Hummel.

Brøndby make their debut appearance in the Europa League group stage (Brøndby had appeared in the UEFA Cup group stage 16 years ago). Brondby will face Lyon, Rangers and Sparta Prague in the Group A of the 21-22 Europa League.

Brøndby IF 2021-22 Europa League Jersey

Check out Hummel's Brøndby IF 2021-22 Europa League football shirt below.

The Hummel Brøndby 21-22 Europa League jersey features a deeper yellow color inspired by Brondby's old shirts worn in European competitions. All logos are blue.

The standout feature is a Sash in three different shades of blue.

Available since September 13, the Hummel Brøndby 2021-2022 Europa League jersey retails at 599,00 kr (80 Euro).

Made by Hummel. Do you like Brøndby's Europa League shirt? Comment below.