Official: Serie A Irreversibly Ban "2 Venezia Crests" From Kits

Venezia FC again played without a club crest on the left chest in their last Serie A match against Torino on September 27th. Already ahead of the match, Venezia FC released a statement they were informed by Lega Serie A to re-remove their crest for the remainder of the season.

Venezia Wears Kits Without Club Crest - Here Is Why

Venezia FC players took the pitch in the first three rounds of the 2021/22 Serie A season without the club's lion or crest on their match shirts, as ordered by Lega Serie A, with reference to Article 5, Paragraph 1, of the Regolamento Divise da Gioco, the league’s regulations on match kits.

Serie A rules only allow club emblem to appear only once on shirtBy these regulations, "the emblem of the club" ("lo stemma della società") may appear only once on a match shirt, and Lega Serie A has interpreted the “Venezia” script on the chest of each Venezia FC match shirt as a club emblem.

Venezia Trick Serie A To Wear Kits With "Two Badges"

In the previous two rounds of the season, Venezia FC, in an effort to further emphasize that the “Venezia” script is a reference to the city rather than the club, created and applied to its match shirts an updated version of the "Venezia" script, with the Venezia 1600 logo — the official mark of the city's celebration of its 1600th anniversary this year — embedded into the script, and in turn returned the club crest to the match shirts as well.

Venezia Informed By Lega Serie A To Re-Remove Club Crest

On Thursday 23 September, Lega Serie A informed Venezia FC in writing that the club remains in violation of Article 5 of the league's kit regulations. Therefore, Venezia FC will re-remove its club crest from its match shirts for the remainder of the 2021/22 Serie A season.

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