AFC Asian Cup China 2023 Logo Launched

The Asian Cup China 2023 tournament logo was launched last Friday in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium, the competition’s first completed stadium.

China will host the 24-team Asian Cup from June 16 to July 16, 2023.

AFC Asian Cup China 2023 Logo

The new AFC Asian Cup China 2023 logo is inspired by the recently developed AFC Asian Cup and AFC National Team master brands.

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The 10 dynamic beams in the logo, which emanate from the bottom to form the image of the sun rising from the East, symbolize the 10 host cities of the AFC Asian Cup China 2023. The 10 beams are held together by 24 intricate lines, representing the spirit of fair play and mutual respect among the 24 participating teams.

China's typical red and yellow colors showcase the beauty of oriental artThe use of the most typical colors in Chinese traditional culture showcases the beauty of oriental art.

The red and gold lights from the original swirl further illuminate the dynamic characteristics of diversity, togetherness, and inspiration, with the luminous aura of the light beams reinforcing a sense of warmth and hope to football audiences all across the world.

Additional local elements of the host Member Association China include the traditional Chinese philosophy of ‘yin-yang’ and togetherness, which is illustrated through the symmetry of the logo, and the lighter gradient of the AFC Asian Cup trophy – the logo’s centerpiece – is inspired by Jade, the primary hardstone of Chinese sculpture, symbolizing warmth, poise and harmony.

Every of the 10 host cities received their own logo as well.

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