Is Naby Keita Wearing AirPods As Shin Pads?

Images from Liverpool's recent matches reveal that Naby Keita of Liverpool is wearing no traditional shin guards.

Naby Keita Wears Extraordinary Shin Guards

As spotted by @ProD_Soccer, Naby Keita's shin pads look like the shell case of Apple's AirPods - at least they appear to have similar measurements as the protection case of Apple's wireless headphones.

We could not find a picture that confirms the AirPods theoryWe could not find a picture that confirms the AirPods theory. Indeed, we think that he did not wear an AirPods case but something else looking similar under socks.

In fact, an image from Liverpool's locker room reveals that Keita also has some more traditional, large shin guards. He did not wear them in recent matches, however.

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