Lazio to Switch Brands From 2022-23 Season?

Lazio, who currently sit in 6th place in Serie A, could well get a new brand to produce their kits from next season.

Reports about Lazio's jersey deal with Macron expiring after the 2021-22 season were recently confirmed by the CEO of the Italian sportswear brand, Gianluca Pavanello. He stated in May that he hoped the company could remain as the kit manufacturer of Lazio.

"Our relationship with Lazio has been going on happily for nine years; next year (2021-22) will be the tenth year we are making kits for them. We are talking about moving forward; it is our desire, and I am sure it is also that of the club. It is clear that in a negotiation phase, a club will try do look for a deal that benefits them most from an economic point of view."

A report from Calcio e Finanza earlier this year stated that Lazio had closed a deal with up-and-coming UK brand Castore to replace Macron in 2022. We can't confirm anything but have heard plenty about Castore hoping to add more teams to their roster over the coming years, so it would make sense from that point of view.

We haven't gotten an update on that story lately and as put by The Laziali, it could just be a ploy by Lazio to get a better deal from Macron.

With the 2021-22 season well underway, we expect to hear something new on this potential brand switch in the coming weeks and months.

Would you like to see Lazio continue with Macron, or would you prefer a brand switch to Castore? Comment below.