What 2022-23 Adidas Premier League Third Kits and 28 Others Could Look Like

Since the Adidas mi Condivo 22 jersey is going to be released soon, we wanted to take a look at what to expect for 2022-23 Adidas shirts.

Adidas have considerably increased the size of its customization service, miteam, over the past decade. It is now used in many areas, including the design of third kits for so-called "B teams". Smaller clubs, who have no direct sponsorship with Adidas can also make use of miteam, as opposed to buying only teamwear jerseys.

All images created with miteam

Of course, there will be many more teams who will make use of the mi Condivo 22 template next season, this is only a handful of them.

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The Adidas B teams will only receive miteam creations as away or third jerseys.

Leicester City 2022-23 Third

The previous two third shirts for Leicester were based on miteam designs, so it stands to reason that their 22-23 third will be no different. We decided on a similar design to the 2020-21 third shirt, which Leicester won the FA Cup in.

Leeds United 2022-23 Third

Given that Leeds United have not released a yellow shirt since the beginning of their Adidas partnership, it would be great to see the color return, perhaps on their third jersey.

Sheffield United 2022-23 Third

For the previous two seasons, Sheffield United had a green and gold miteam shirt as their third option. Maybe next campaign could feature a white jersey once again.

Benfica 2022-23 Third

Benfica have occasionally released a black or white third miteam shirt with gold details, so perhaps next season will be similar.

Union Berlin 2022-23 Third

A frequent color on Union's recent third jerseys has been navy blue, so we decided to give them a very simple dark blue shirt with a subtle rectangle pattern on the front.

Nürnberg 2022-23 Home

This concept is inspired by Nürnberg's 2011-13 home shirt, which featured subtle dark maroon hoops on a maroon base.

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Nürnberg 2022-23 Away

Also similar to an old Nürnberg shirt, the 2022-23 away jersey draws inspiration from the away kit worn from 2014 until 2016.

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Nürnberg 2022-23 Third

Not inspired by any shirt in particular, the Nürnberg 2022-23 third jersey makes use of the broken-up hoop graphic option, combining black and grey.

Schalke 2022-23 Home

The Schalke 2022-23 home shirt not only divides two shades of blue, but would probably also divide an entire fanbase over a never before seen design on a Schalke jersey.

Schalke 2022-23 Away

The Schalke 2022-23 away jersey draws much less attention, as it uses a common formula for past away kits: a white base with light blue accents.

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Schalke 2022-23 Third

The Schalke 2022-23 third jersey utilizes the city of Gelsenkirchen's colors black and green, as Schalke has done many times in the past.

Feyenoord 2022-23 Away

Feyenoord has had several black and green away shirts in the past, which is what inspired this design.

Hamburg 2022-23 Third

Hamburg have a history with pink shirts, so like the 2016-18 away/third jersey, this is an homage to the original pink kit worn in the 1970's.

Düsseldorf 2022-23 Home

Generally drawing inspiration from Düsseldorf's bright red shirts of the past, the 2022-23 home jersey is most similar to the one from 2015-16. It featured dark red hoops and a bright red base, with white on the shoulders.

Düsseldorf 2022-23 Away

This shirt is inspired by Düsseldorf's home jersey from 2011-12, the year they gained promotion back to the Bundesliga. However, the colors are reversed in this case.

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Düsseldorf 2022-23 Third

The design for Düsseldorf's third shirt is very simple, it combines a black base with red details. There is also a subtle thin line pattern on the front in dark red.

Copenhagen 2022-23 Home

As Copenhagen's home shirts are usually quite simple, this design follows suit. It is mainly white, apart from a blue collar, Adidas logo and stripes on the shoulders.

Copenhagen 2022-23 Away

The Copenhagen 2022-23 away shirt draws inspiration from the 2015-16 away jersey, however the blue tone is less bright.

Copenhagen 2022-23 Third

The 2022-23 Copenhagen third jersey is similar to some of the other grey shirts released by the club over the past few years.

Basel 2022-23 Home

The idea for the Basel 2022-23 home shirt originates from the 2015-16 design, which featured an unusual amount of black for the club.

Basel 2022-23 Away

The 2022-23 Basel away jersey is supposed to have a classic white and black look without being too boring. It also features just the letters "FCB" from the club crest, as was the case in 2019.

Cagliari 2022-23 Home

With Cagliari Calcio, there is little room for variation between home shirts, as the Sardinian club has a very distinct half and half look in dark blue and red. This design does that tradition a lot more justice than the 2021-22 shirt does.

Cagliari 2022-23 Away

Unlike the home shirt, a lot of creative liberty can be taken with design of the away jersey. It combines a white base with a red sash, as well as navy and red accents, staying true to the club's colors.

Olympiacos Piraeus 2022-23 Home

The 2022-23 Olympiacos home shirt does not deviate from the usual formula. It has the tradional red and white vertical stripes, as well as gold accents.

Lokomotiv Moscow 2022-23 Home

Combining Lok Moscow's traditional green, red and white colors, the 2022-23 home jersey has a very simple design. It features subtle light green pinstripes on a darker green base with red accents.

Lokomotiv Moscow 2022-23 Away

As is normally the case, the Lokomotiv Moscow away shirt concept is mainly red.

Lokomotiv Moscow 2022-23 Third

The idea for the 2022-23 Lok Moscow third jersey is to represent train tracks on the white base of the shirt.

Racing Strasbourg 2022-23 Home

Going by the last several years, Strasbourg will likely pick a random graphic option on their blue home jersey.

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Racing Strasbourg 2022-23 Away

The Strasbourg away jerseys of previous seasons have all been white, so we think it is a safe bet next season's will be as well.

Standard Liege 2022-23 Home

In their past deal with New Balance, Standard Liege have often used a red base with gold logos, so we used that as an inspiration for the 2022-23 jersey. This shirt also features a subtle line pattern in darker red on the front, in order to add some depth.

Standard Liege 2022-23 Away

The Liege 2022-23 away shirt is supposed to look very elegant, so it is mainly white with red details and a light grey rectangle pattern on the front.

How realistic do you think these concept designs are? How would you design these jerseys? Comment below.