All Leaked Next-Gen Adidas Predator Edge Boots

In early 2022, Adidas is set to launch the next generation of their Predator football boots, the Adidas Predator Edge. We take a look at all the colorways that got already leaked.

Adidas Predator Edge Soccer Cleats - Leaked Colorways

For the Adidas Predator Edge, Adidas got inspired by the Adidas Predator LZ (Lethal Zones) football boots from 2012. The Adidas Predator Edge does not only feature a visual design inspired by 2012 but also similar rubber elements.

We already know five editions of the next-gen PredatorsIn contrast to previous Predator boots, Adidas has created a special camo launch edition. Soon after, in February 2022, Adidas will release the regular launch pain job, a totally blackout colorway as well as a Black Pack edition.

April 2021 will see the release of a clean white & blue Predator Edge.

Adidas Predator Edge 'Launch' - Camouflage

Adidas' 'Camouflage' Predator Edge+ football boots boast a multicolor camouflage look to hide their tech features and other elements.

Adidas Predator Edge Camouflaged Launch Boots Leaked

Adidas Edge Predator - Hi-Res Blue / Turbo / Hi-Res Blue

Adidas' 'Hi-Res Blue / Turbo / Hi-Res Blue' Predator Edge boots have a modern and striking look. They combine a blue base with striking red logos and applications.

Next-Gen Adidas Predator Edge Launch Boots Leaked

Adidas Predator Edge - Black/Black/Black

The Adidas Edge Predator 'Black/Black/Black' boots have an understated look - they are all-black without any colorful details.

Triple Black Next-Gen Adidas Predator Edge Boots Leaked

Adidas Predator Edge 'Edge of Darkness' - Black/White/Vivid Red/Blue Rush

The Adidas Predator Edge '2022 Black Pack' combine a black base with three colors - white, red, and blue. The Three Stripes are white with blue and red, the Adidas logo is tricolor.

Black Next-Gen Adidas Predator Edge Boots Leaked

Adidas Predator Edge - White / Hi-Res Blue

The new Predator Edge soccer cleats from Adidas introduce a clean look in white all brandings as well as the 3D structure at the front of the boots coated in blue.

White / Blue Next-Gen Adidas Predator Edge 2022 Boots Leaked

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