Barcelona's Youngster Gavi Wears Boots Untied

Gavi sure turns some heads with his ability. Now he raises even more with how he wears his football boots.

Gavi Wears His Phantom GT 2 Untied

The Barcelona's midfielder has been playing with laces let loose for quite some time now.

The exact reason for him to do so is unknown. But we do have a couple of guesses. First, it is possible that this is one of his new ritual. Gavi has only recently been seen with his laces untied. However, this has happened many times when he was either with Spain or Barcelona.

Another possibility is that the Phantom GT2 causes some discomfort for him as the game progress. Usually, Gavi is seen starting the match with his laces all tied up. Then, as the game goes on he would gradually has his laces loosen on one side after another. He has done this with two colourways of the GT2 already so it's unlikely that this is about break-in issue.

Take the game against Real Madrid back in October for example. Gavi trained with his boots all tied, but at one point he loosen the left side.

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During the match, we would see him having both side laced up. But during the match, Gavi either had his left or right side untied. Definitely a deliberate move by him.

What do you think is the reason behind Gavi's untied laces? Let us know in the comment.