Bayern Fans Want to End Qatar Airways Deal - Ignored By Bayern Bosses

FC Bayern Munich have had two turbulent weeks behind them. There has been a lot of negativity surrounding the club lately, 5 unvaccinated players in quarantine, an embarrassing loss to FC Augsburg as well as controversy regarding one of their main sponsorship deals.

Bayern - Qatar Airways Deal

The topic of the Qatar Airways sponsorship at FC Bayern has resurfaced multiple times in the past few years, but now it has gained more traction than ever. Signed in 2017, the multi-year deal saw the state-owned Qatari airline become one of Bayern Munich's primary sponsors, even featuring on their sleeve.

Bayern have also travelled to Qatar during winter training camps, something that is closely linked with the Qatar Airways sponsorship. This is an aspect of the deal that enrages fans.

Most of all, they dislike the fact that Qatar largely ignores human rights, so they do not want Bayern to be involved with the rich Middle-Eastern country's airline.


The Qatar Airways deal has never sat well with the Bavarian club's fans, who have protested it many times over the years.

"Outstanding training conditions"; Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge ignoring workers being whipped in the background

At FC Bayern's annual members' meeting, member Michael Ott attempted to get a vote on the controversial sponsorship, however, this was dodged by Bayern's bosses, even though they had known about the proposal for some time in advance. Nonetheless, club president Herbert Hainer was later forced to address the issue, receiving loud boos and "Hainer out!" calls.

He stated that he welcomes criticism, but only in a factual, respectful manner. Hainer was clearly trying to distract from the topic, rather than addressing the actual proposal.

"Money > Human Rights?, Capital > Moral?, Eyes open"

This means that in the end, the proposal was not accepted and a vote on the Qatar Airways sponsorship deal did not take place.

Michael Ott still plans on taking more legal action and continues to pursue the goal of ending this deal. He has plenty of time, considering the current contract lasts until the summer of 2023.

"The extremely ugly side of FC Bayern is shown by those who accept the blood money from Qatar and Co."

For the time being, both Qatar and FC Bayern will keep getting what they desire. Qatar continues to get away with human rights abuses and corrupting the sport, while Bayern apparently receives 20 Million Euros per year.

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