Club America 2022-23 Pre-Match Shirt & Anthem Jacket Released

The Nike Club America 2022-23 pre-match shirt and anthem jacket have been released. It's made by Nike and will be worn for the warmup before games in the 2022-23 Liga MX.

Club America 2022 Pre-Match Shirt

This is the new Nike Club America pre-match jersey for 2022-23.

A unique look, the Nike Club América 2022 pre-match jersey is black with a colorful classic Mexican pattern covering the entire front, back and sleeves.

The sponsor and club logos on the front of the Nike Club America 2022 pre-match shirt are all white and black.

Club America 2022-23 Anthem Jacket

This is the new Nike Club America anthem shirt for 22-23.

The Nike Club America 2022-23 anthem shirt is predominantly black with a lighter shade for the large horizontal stripe at the centre of the body.

The logos of Nike and Club America are both in teal. The Nike Club America 2022-23 anthem football shirt may be the closest representation of the colour combination that will be used on their upcoming third kit for 22-23.

Made by Nike. Do you like Club America's pre-match jersey? Comment below.