Club America 2022 Third Kit Info Leaked

Mexican clubs traditionally launch their third kits early in the year, and Club America are no exception.

Following the recent leak of the outstanding new pre-match shirt, new info about the third kit has been revealed online.

Club America 2022 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

Club America 2022 Third Jersey

Check out the colors of the Club America 2021-2022 third jersey below.

While we no nothing about the design specifics as of yet, the Club America 2022 third jersey will be predominantly black with black-and-teal logos, according to a picture shared by @EleteTSC.

What's certain is that the recent leak did in fact show the pre-match and not match shirt: it's based on Nike's pre-match template and also features a colorful pattern on the back, something that would not happen with an actual on-pitch jersey.

Do you look forward to Club America's new 2022 third strip? Comment below.