Fake Football Kit Shops Start to Fake Everything

In late 2021, the market for fake football kits is not only a bit bizarre.

Counterfeit of Concepts, Retro Releases & T-Shirt: Fake Football Kits Market in 2021

Fake of hugely popular Argentina concept kit.

Instead of just copying the brand's official jerseys, the fake stores have begun to produce concepts, training shirts, and almost every gear imaginable.

fakes of classic kits and popular concepts are the two big trendsFor example, the fake stores sell a (self-designed?) Liverpool mash-up kit, counterfeits of official retro releases without manufacturer logos as well as completely fake concept kits such a "Viper Venezuela 21-22 kit".

There are two sustainable and profitable trends - fakes of classic kits and fakes of popular concepts.

However, the most sustainable, and profitable trend are counterfeits of classic kits. There are now fakes of almost every famous kit of the past - even Athletic Bilbao's 1997-98 jersey has been produced by the fakers by now.

How to Detect Fake Classic Shirts - Roma 2001-02, Man Utd 2007-09, Real Madrid 2003-04 & Many More

Classic Fakes

Concept Fakes

Retro Fakes

Fakes Of Other Products

The fakers even offer a counterfeit of the Joma 21-21 Cruz Azul Champions shirt.

Do you think this trend will continue? Will fake makers start to design their own kits soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.