Maestro Sox - New Player In The Anti-Slip Socks Market, Tapedesign Copy/Rival?

Almost 10 years ago, a football equipment revolution started with the release of the TRUsox. The anti-slip football socks were soon worn by hundreds of professionals despite having no endorsement deals. Since then, many new companies entered the market to rival TRUsox. A new player in the game is Maestro Sox, a company from the USA.

Maestro Grip Sox 1.0 Anti-Slip Football Socks

Maestro aim is to offer "affordable high-performing premium quality grip socks for all athletes worldwide". The socks are "made by athletes for athletes". The socks are called "Grip Sox 1.0".

The Maestro Grip Sox 1.0 anti-slip socks are made for grip, improved stability, and security while still offering comfort.

The socks are fairly similar to Tapedesign's socksIn contrast to TRUsox, the Maestro socks only have rubber knobs pads on the bottom outside.

We have been sent four pairs of the Maestro grip socksWe have been sent four pairs of the Maestro grip socks. They have a very similar approach as the socks of Tapedesign, an Austrian company whose socks are possibly the most popular among players today.

In fact, the socks of Maestro have very similar rubber pads as Tapedesign. The materials offer a bit more comfort than the ultra-performance Tapedesign socks.

The price and quality are topThe quality of the Maestro socks, meanwhile, is superb, and the prices are very fair (15 USD / pair).

Maestro Grip Sox 1.0 Socks - Players

The Maestro Sox are worn by a few professionals from the USA, including Valentín Castellanos (New York Red FC), Cameron Harper (New York Red Bulls), Augustine Williams (San Diego Loyal), and Issa Rayyan (Tacoma Defiance).

Maestro - Company Information

Maestro is based in the United States. They officially started their business just in April 2021.

Maestro Grip Sox 1.0 Socks - Features

  • Anti-Slip socks made for grip, stability, and security while still being comfortable to wear
  • Same concept as Tapedesign
  • Rubber Pads on the outside
  • Materials: Cotton, spandex, and nylon fiber
  • Sizes: Medium (6-8 US), Large (8-12 USD)
  • Available Colors: 4 (Black, White, Red, Navy)
  • Launch Date: April 2021
  • Price: 15 USD

The Maestro socks retail at a very good price - 15 USD. Maestro also ship outside of the United States. They offer free US shipping on orders above 35 USD (or three pairs).

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