Adidas 2022 World Cup Kit Font Released

Update: How would the name and numbers of legendary classic football players look with the Adidas 2022 World Cup font? Ari Football has created some current Adidas 2022 kits with the names and numbers of Andres Iniesta, David Villa, Diego Maradona, Hidetoshi Nakata, and Henrik Larsson on the back.

The Adidas 2022 World Cup kit font has been officially launched. The font is used by all Adidas national teams except Germany. We take a closer look at it. Thanks to Ari Football and FF for the pictures.

The Adidas 2022 World Cup font was used by all teams in this month's international matches.

Adidas 2022 World Cup Font

The new Adidas 2022 World Cup typeface has a modern and aggressive design that is totally different from the 2018 typeface.

On the bottom of the numbers of the Adidas 2022 World Cup jersey font is the federation crest of each nation, but only slightly highlighted.

For better ventilation and breathability, the numbers have a dotted hole pattern.

World Cup 2018 Font

The Adidas 2022 World Cup typeface costs you an extra 30 USD on Adidas' official US website, while the same typeface costs you just 10 Euro in the EU.

Better than the 2018 edition? Do you like the 2022 World Cup font by Adidas? Comment down below.