Odd: Germany Keep Old Font for 2022 World Cup Kits

The German national team are the only Adidas nation that will not use the new streamlined Adidas 2022 World Cup kit typeface.

Adidas Germany 2022 World Cup Kit Typeface - Slightly Modified of 2020 Version

The Germany 2022 World Cup typeface is more or less the same as the Euro 2020 typeface. Germany just made two changes to the typeface.

First, the numbers and letters are more narrow, and there is less space between them. Some numbers seem to have been slightly changed as well.

Second, the Germany 2022 World Cup numbers now include a subtle graphic that shows a crowd of German fans.

It is very odd to see Germany keeping the Euro 2020 kit font. All other Adidas teams wear the new streamlined Adidas 2022 typeface, including Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, and Wales.

What do you think of Germany not using the streamlined Adidas 2022 World Cup kit typeface? Comment below.