Exclusive - mi License 22 Jersey Leaked - Majority of Adidas B Teams Will Use This Template

We have major news regarding the shirts of Adidas' B teams for next season. We can exclusively leak the new Adidas mi License 22 jersey!

Create your own Adidas mi License 22 jersey

It was also leaked by us that there would be an Adidas mi Condivo 22 template, which has now been released. However, the mi License 22 jersey is expected to be used much more frequently than its Condivo counterpart.

It has been the case for the past few years that Adidas B teams mostly utilized the License templates rather than the Condivo, Regista and Graphic ones.

mi License 22 Template

The Adidas mi License template was introduced in 2018 and has been in use ever since. The mi License 22 jersey will be the third version of the mi License series.

Over the past few years, the Adidas mi License shirts have been by far the most commonly used miteam products. They have firmly cemented themselves as the templates for Adidas' B teams.

The Adidas mi License 22 jersey presents several similarities to the mi Condivo 22 template. It allows the customer to alter many different parts and panels on the shirt.

In terms of the collar, Adidas went for a similar design to the Condivo 20 style collar, however this one has piping, which is reminiscent of the mi License 20 piping.

The template features a variety of unique graphic options, more than the mi Condivo 22 jersey. There are 17 graphic options in total, as well as the blank version of the jersey.

More on the classic side, the first six include stripes, hoops, half-half, pinstripes, chevron and sash designs. The other graphic options are all more abstract, but can also be put to good use.

Possible Designs

Judging by the last few years, it is fair to assume that the mi License 22 jersey will be used by the majority of Adidas' B teams. We wanted to take a look at some possible designs for next season. Some of these could come fairly close to the end product.

Stay tuned for more interesting concept kits!

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