New Adidas Logo Leaked - Minimal Change Confirmed

Update: Adidas have started to roll out their new logo. The Adidas app for Apple now features the new Three Stripes logo. It is possible that Adidas will launch the logo on 1 April 2022, the date of the 2022 World Cup draw. Thanks to Mantos do Futebol for the spot.

It also confirms the subtle change Adidas made to the original Three Stripes-only logo.

Update: The leaked 2022 World Cup ball confirms that Adidas will very slightly change their Three Stripes-only logo.

The change is minimal

We have imagined how the new logo looks in comparison with the old, the default new and the leaked new on the Arsenal 21-22 away kit. The updated logo has a more modern, less compressed look.

It will be interesting to see how Adidas will explain the logo change, and how people will react to that minor update.

Update: Adidas have officially registered their new logo mark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It appears to be slightly different to the current Three Stripes-only design.

It could be also an error with the trademark registration

The logo Adidas registered already last year is almost identical to the current one without the adidas text. It could be also an error of the registered design.

Adidas will not only remove the adidas text from their logo, we can exclusively leak. Instead, the German brand will certainly also alter the proportions of the Three Stripes.

New Adidas Logo

The new Adidas logo is based on the current Three Stripes branding with only subtle changes.

Each of the three stripes is higher, resulting in a more modern look. Other elements remain the same.

Stay tuned for when Adidas will officially launch and roll out their new logo. We are still not sure if Adidas are really making changes to their Three Stripes of if it is an error of the registration file.

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