Exclusive: New Adidas Logo Leaked

Adidas will not only remove the adidas text from their logo, we can exclusively leak. Instead, the German brand will certainly also alter the proportions of the Three Stripes.

Adidas to Change Logo For Kits

New Adidas Logo

The new Adidas logo is based on the current Three Stripes branding. However, there are some important differences in the dimensions.

The distances between the three stripes are remarkably smaller. The stripes are less rotated, and the height difference between each stripe is larger.

We have imagined how the actual new Adidas logo looks like on Bayern's 21-22 home kit, in comparison with the old, default Three Stripes.

The difference between the default Three Stripes and the new Three Stripes is not drastic but results in a more compact, modern look.

Please be aware that our logo will slightly differ from the one Adidas will launch in late 2022.

Adidas to Change Logo For Kits

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