Exclusive: Real Madrid 2022 CNY Jacket Leaked

We can show off the world's first pictures of Real Madrid's new 2022 Chinese New Year jacket. It is made by adidas.

The 2022 Chinese New Year is the Year of the Tiger.

Real Madrid 2022 Chinese New Year Jacket

This is the Real Madrid 2022 Chinese New Year jacket, made by adidas.

The adidas Real Madrid 2022 LNY jacket is in white with gold details and logos.

The enlarged Real Madrid crest is placed on the usual left side of the chest while the adidas logo is on the other.

On the back of the jacket is a special graphic that is inspired by ceramic tile patterns in China.

Like previous years, the adidas Real Madrid 2022 Chinese New Year jacket should be part of a larger Chinese New Year collection. As 2022 is the year of tiger, it would reasonable to expect some forms of tiger graphic on other products.

Made by adidas. What's your verdict on Real Madrid's Chinese New Year kit? Comment below.