Rot-Weiß Essen Anniversary Kit Revealed

Essen's new 2021-22 anniversary shirt was released a few days ago. It is made by Jako and will be worn in this season's Regionalliga campaign. The shirt celebrates 70 years of RW Essen's stadium magazine Kurze Fuffzehn.

Rot-Weiß Essen 21-22 Anniversary Shirt

This is the Essen 2021-2022 anniversary shirt, made by Jako.

The Jako RW Essen 2021-22 anniversary shirt introduces a classic half and half design in red and white. The sleeve colors are also red and white, colored opposite of to the shirt halves.

Instead of the regular shirt sponsor, this jersey features Kurze Fuffzehn printed on the front in black. This was made possible by main sponsor Harfid.

1.907 Essen 2021-2022 anniversary jersey were produced, making it a limited edition item. It retails at € 70,00 and is only available to members of the club.

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