Explained: How Adidas Will Use The 3 Different Logos

In late 2022, Adidas is set to launch a new logo. The current Adidas logo will still be used by the Three Stripes, however. We explain how Adidas will use their three different logos in football (and all other sports) from late 2022.

Adidas 2022 Logos - Which Items Will Feature Which Logo?

The new Adidas Performance logo will be used for all Adidas products mainly intended for making sport - e.g. Kits, boots, goalkeeper gloves, shoes, training jerseys, shorts, socks, and other performance items.

The Adidas Sportswear logo will be used for all modern Adidas products made for lifestyle - for football, it is anthem jackets, lifestyle collections and other off-pitch stuff that will feature it. Retro releases from the 'Adidas EQT' era (1990s until 2022) will also feature it.

The classic Trefoil logos will be used for retro remakes, and possibly, some special retro releases - e.g retro kits and retro jackets.

Adidas Performance: All Adidas products built and made for sport - Adidas Germany 2022 World Cup Kits

Adidas Sportswear: All modern Adidas lifestyle products - Adidas Germany 2022 World Cup Lifestyle Collection

Adidas Originals: Retro Adidas products and "iconic products that connect to lifestyle" - Potential 2022 Adidas Germany Retro Remake

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