Tromsø IL 21-22 'QR Code' Third Kit Released - Highlights Qatar's Human Right Violations

Norwegian Eliteserien club Tromsø today released a special jersey in cooperation with Amnesty to put the spotlight on human rights violations in Qatar.

Tromsø was the first team that desired a Norwegian World Cup boycott, which was voted down at the extraordinary federal parliament this summer.

The new Tromso 21-22 third uniform is being promoted by Malcom Bidali, a former migrant worker and labor activist who was arrested in Qatar for writing an online blog about the brutal conditions he faced there.

Tromsø IL 2021-22 Third Kit

This is the new Select Tromsø IL third jersey for 2021-2022.

The Select Tromsø IL 2021-22 third football shirt is one big QR code that will guide those who scan the suit into a website about sports laundering and human rights work.

In terms of color, the Select Tromsø IL 2021-22 third football shirt combines a Qatar-like red and blue with white for logos and the collar & sleeve cuffs.

According to Tromsø IL, it is the world’s first kit to feature a gigantic QR code.

The QR code takes you to, "a page that will give you more and more information on what’s going on, on the ground in Qatar".

Tromsø IL will wear the new third Tromso's new 21-22 third uniform in this year's last elite league match, against Viking, next weekend.

Available since December 6, the Select Tromsø IL 2021-22 third shirt retails at 990 Norwegian Krone (96,35 Euro).

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