Adidas Won't Release These Predator Edge 'OG' Boots

Some days ago, Adidas released the next-generation Predator football boot. It was launched in a striking blue and red colorway inspired by the 2012 Predator LZ - Will the Three Stripes also release a black, white and red colorway? An image suggests so, but only at first glance...

Concept only - Adidas certainly won't release an OG Predator Edge cleat during the lifespan of the generation

The image shows a concept made by Adidas concept creator @adi.concepts. We can already reveal that the Three Stripes will certainly not bring out an OG Predator. However, let us nevertheless take a closer look at the boots.

CONCEPT ONLY: Adidas Predator Edge - Black/White/Red

Check out the new Adidas Predator Edge+ football boots in black/white/red below.

The Adidas Predator Edge concept by @adi.concepts combines the most famous colors of the silo - black, red and white.

Indeed, we can leak that Adidas won't release a black, red and white Predator Edge in 2022. It is very unlikely that there will be one at all.

Unfortunately, Adidas do also not allow to create custom Predator boots, in contrast to Nike. Players can create their own Mercurial and Phantom GT cleats.

Nike allow creating custom Mercurial and Phantom GT colorways

Should Adidas release a Predator Edge in the original colorway? Comment below, follow @adi.concepts for fantastic Adidas concept shoes on Instagram and browse the Boot Calendar for all actual upcoming and released Adidas football boots.