Amazing | Designers Recreate Kit Drafts of 8-Years Old Reuben

People often ask how to get the chance to become a professional football kit designer. Eight-year-old Reuben is showing off that he already has the skills to at least serve as inspiration for the designers of Adidas, Puma, Nike & Co.

The father set up the Twitter account, which got viral within 24 hours

Reuben is an eight-year-old boy whose father set to a Twitter account to showcase his Kids' work. He is a supporter of QPR, Italy & England. You can follow him via @MyKidsKits.

Designers Recreate Kits of 8-Years Old Boy

The first concept of Reuben was an Italy-inspired tricolor Puma concept kit. It soon went viral and designers started to recreate it using their cutting-edge 3D models.

All three kits would be banned by FIFA's kit rules

Concept recreated by @Saintetixx

Reuben also created an Italy home kit concept as well as a bold USA jersey.

Reuben has shared only a very few kits so far but all of them stand out for being different from the kits we are used to from the brands.

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