Iniesta Trains in Custom Blacked-Out Boots - Asics Deal Most Likely Has Ended

Andres Iniesta was spotted in training with a pair of black Ultrezza 2 AI, his signature silo by Asics. This signals the end of his partnership with the Japanese brand.

Iniesta Wears Blackout Asics Ultrezza 2 AI In Training

The veteran maestro's pair of Ultrezza 2 AI was a simple paintjob, which got faded during the session. Usually, this is an indication that the player is no longer contracted to his sponsor.

Iniesta's images no longer appear on Asics' official website nor the launch colourway of the Ultrezza 2 AI, which further hints at his departure from the Japanese company.

Promo image for the Ultrezza AI 2

Despite being at the latter stage of his career, Iniesta's image is still an influential one. This leads to Asics picking him up and even created his own line of football boots in Japan, the Ultrezza AI.

Promo image for the first-gen Ultrezza AI

The silo just went into the second generation back in July last year, but it seems Iniesta and Asics are no longer together.

It could also be that Iniesta might be heading to retirement and doesn't like having any sponsor tie. Considering the legendary midfielder is now 37 years old, that is not at all out of the realm of possibility.

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