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Bimbo Sponsor Got Better & Better Over the Years

With the new Philadelphia Union 2022 home kit having been leaked recently, we got a look at how their shirt sponsor, Bimbo, is presented. This differs from what was done in previous years.

Bimbo Logo Altered on New Philadelphia Kit

Mexican company Bimbo have featured as Philadelphia Union's main shirt sponsor since 2011. Over the past decade, they used the same, unaltered version of their logo on the Union's jerseys.

This logo interfered with the Union's kits, as it had a large, white background, on which red and blue were quite premoninant.

However, in 2020, the brand decided to go for a simpler, white appearance that did not have a background and dropped the blue and red. This was already a massive improvement from the previous iteration, as it no longer disrupted the overall shirt design.

For 2022, it seems that Bimbo have gone the distance, adjusting their logo to be gold, fitting the rest of the accent colors on this year's shirt. The section of the logo that crosses over into the vertical blue and gold stripe is surrounded by a navy outline, matching the navy base color.

We find that this change from Bimbo substantially improves the Philadelphia Union's 2022 kit and we applaud them for once again choosing good kit design over marketing. This is an unusual evolution for a shirt sponsor.

So many other brands in world football would refuse to back down from their original logos, especially after using them on a team's shirt for nearly a decade.

What do you think of Bimbo's appearance on Philadelphia's jerseys over the past decade? Comment below.