Clean Adidas Copa Sense 2022 Boots Leaked - Evokes Memories Of Kroos Boots

Update: We can leak two new pictures of the Adidas Copa Sense Diamond Edge 2022 boots pack. They show a takedown version.

Adidas will release a clean colorway for the Copa Sense soccer boots as part of the Diamond Edge Pack.

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Adidas Copa Sense+ 'Diamond Edge' - White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo

This image shows the new Adidas Copa Sense+ football boots in 'White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo'.

The 'White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo' Adidas Copa Sense football boots have a very clean design in white, silver, blue and navy. Indeed, they are almost entirely white, with blue & navy only used for the small brandings and the inner part.

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Officially, the colors are "White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo".

Looking at tech, the Adidas 'Diamond Edge' Copa Sense cleats are the same as all previous colorways.

Adidas Copa Sense 'Diamond Edge' - Features

  • Completely revamped from previous generation
  • Laceless (+) and laces (.1) versions
  • K-Leather forefoot: Premium k-leather in the forefoot for supreme comfort and feel
  • U-throat collar constructions allows for ease of entry for all foot types.
  • Sensepods: Foam pods anatomically placed around the heel creating a hyperanatomical fit by filling the k-leather in the forefoot
  • Touchpods: Foam poads on lateral and medial side provide better ball control
  • New sole plate
  • Price: USD 275 (EUR 280, GBP 230)
  • Colorway: White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo
  • Release date: 19 April 2022

Adidas' new Copa Sense boots are expected to be available from April 2022, retailing at USD 275 (EUR 280, GBP 230).

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Let's hear your thoughts on the Adidas Copa Sense+ boots from the Diamond Edge pack below.