Clean Adidas Copa Sense 2022 Boots Leaked - Evokes Memories Of Kroos Boots

Update: We can leak two new pictures of the Adidas Copa Sense Diamond Edge 2022 boots pack. They show a takedown version.

Adidas will release a clean colorway for the Copa Sense soccer boots as part of the Diamond Edge Pack.

Adidas Copa Sense+ 'Diamond Edge' - White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo

This image shows the new Adidas Copa Sense+ football boots in 'White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo'.

The 'White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo' Adidas Copa Sense football boots have a very clean design in white, silver, blue and navy. Indeed, they are almost entirely white, with blue & navy only used for the small brandings and the inner part.

The Adidas Adipoure White/Sky Blue 11pro cleats have been worn by Toni Kroos since 2014.

Officially, the colors are "White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo".

Looking at tech, the Adidas 'Diamond Edge' Copa Sense cleats are the same as all previous colorways.

Adidas Copa Sense 'Diamond Edge' - Features

  • Completely revamped from previous generation
  • Laceless (+) and laces (.1) versions
  • K-Leather forefoot: Premium k-leather in the forefoot for supreme comfort and feel
  • U-throat collar constructions allows for ease of entry for all foot types.
  • Sensepods: Foam pods anatomically placed around the heel creating a hyperanatomical fit by filling the k-leather in the forefoot
  • Touchpods: Foam poads on lateral and medial side provide better ball control
  • New sole plate
  • Price: USD 275 (EUR 280, GBP 230)
  • Colorway: White/Hi-Res Blue/Legacy Indigo
  • Release date: 19 April 2022

Adidas' new Copa Sense boots are expected to be available from April 2022, retailing at USD 275 (EUR 280, GBP 230).

Let's hear your thoughts on the Adidas Copa Sense+ boots from the Diamond Edge pack below.