Environmentally Friendly: New England Revolution Place Giant Logo Over Old Crest

MLS club New England Revolution will carry over their 2021 away kit for the 2022 season. However, as the club revealed a new logo for 2022 and beyond, they had to alter their 2021-2022 away kit.

New England Revolution 2022 Away Kit

The "new" New England Revolution 2022 away kit is exactly the same as before with one difference - it features the new club crest.

The logo on the away kit is much smaller

However, instead of producing new kits with the new crest, the club appear to have placed the new logo over the old one. The logo on their carried-over kit is giant.

The logo is also remarkably bigger than the logo on their leaked all-new 2022 home kit. A likely confirmation that their logo is so big to place it over the old.

Last year, Chicago Fire released two all-new kits with their new crest instead of carrying over one.

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