New England Revolution 2022 Logo Unveiled

Update: New England Revolution's brand-new logo was finally made official. Announced today, the New England Revolution logo will only be used from the 2022 season onwards.

With today's rebrand, New England Revolution become the last of the original MLS teams to get a new logo.

The original New England Revolution logo was a design typical of 1990s MLS that stands out for its uniqueness. It boasts a stylized US flag with a soccer ball in the top left.

New England Revolution 2022 Logo

Compare the new and old NE Revs logos below.

The supposed NE Revolution logo has almost nothing in common with the current crest. It features a roundel design with a unique design at its center.

The team name and founding year are applied along the border of the roundel, something we've seen plenty of times recently - not very unique, but not offensive either.

Upon the first leaks, some compared the new New England Revolution logo with the QPR badge.

Mockups - applying the new logo to the kit

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