Hummel Release Quilmes 2022 Kits

Hummel have released three strips for Quilmes for the 2022 season- a white home, a navy and white striped away, and a half and half blue and white third.

Hummel Quilmes 2022 Kits Launched

The home is the most standard, a white shirt with central Hummel logo and club crest, with Hummel chevrons on top of the shoulders and under the arms. There is a faint pinstripe pattern on one half on the shirt. All details are in navy blue. The away jersey features diagaonal navy and white stripes with some subtle pink details, while the third has a royal blue and white half and half design.

The Quilmes 2022 shirts will be used in the Argentinian Primera División and the Copa Argentina.

Made by Hummel. Do you like Quilmes' shirt? Comment below.