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Jordan Brand Hide Messi Boots In Every Single Picture

What to do if your most famous player is sponsored by the biggest rival of your main sponsor`? Nike-owned Jordan brand cleverly solved this problem for the launch of the PSG 21-22 fourth kit.

Maradona was very clever forty years ago

Nike-Owned Jordan Brand Hides Messi Shoes In Every Picture

In all the launch pictures for the PSG 2021-22 fourth kit, Messi's shoes are hidden behind a black poster with the lettering "Jordan Paris Saint-Germain Spring 22".

Puma-sponsored Neymar is not featured in the pictures

It will likely remain a mystery which boots Messi wore on both pictures but it was certainly no Nike's.

Meanwhile, Puma-sponsored Neymar did not appear on any launch pictures of the Jordan PSG 2021-22 fourth kit.

As noted by genial La Casaca, Maradona manages to show off his Puma boots despite Adidas (back then owner of Le Coq Sportif) trying to prevent it with some sports bags.

There are many other examples of brands/players upset their rival brands. In 2013, Adidas were very unhappy that new signing Mario Götze was wearing a big logo Nike shirt when presented as a Bayern player.

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