Too Many? Napoli to Have at Least 12 Kits This Season

Napoli sets to be the club with the most kits in the 21-22 season. As things stand, they are going to have 12 different kits, with 5 of them yet to be released.

EA7 Napoli 21-22 Home, Away, Fourth & Goalkeeper Kits Released - Most Expensive Kits Worldwide

Current Napoli Match Jersey

So far, Napoli have released 7 sets of football kits.

For domestic matches, they have the home, away and fourth uniforms.

Kits for European competition matches are currently available in sky blue and red.

Two special kits have been released, a Maradona tribute and the other is the recent Halloween special.

Napoli 21-22 Maradona Kit Released - 150 Euro

The Upcoming Napoli Kits

That leaves 5 kits that are still waiting to be unveiled.

A further 2 Maradona tribute shirts will be made, one white and one sky blue. Photos of the former has already been posted.

The 3 others are a domestic third, a white away and a blue third shirt for EU matches.

EA7 Napoli 21-22 European Home, Away, Third & Fourth Kits Revealed

12 releases in the span of a single season is definitely quite excessive. At the rate of Napoli releasing new kits, it wouldn't be surprise if they have even more special shirts to unveil.

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