Napoli to Have at Least 13 Kits This Season - It Would Cost You €1,775 to Get Every Shirt

Update: Napoli have not only released extremely many kits, and their jerseys are also very expensive. It would cost you €1,450 to get the 10 kits that were available being sold, and €1,775 to get every one of the 13 jerseys. Thanks to @wunderkits for the heads-up.

Update: Napoli and their kit maker EA7 (Emporio Armani) have released another kit for the 21-22 season - the 13th in total. There are still 3 months of the season left - we wouldn't be extremely surprised if there would be another special kit coming out. The infographic of @LuchoLasS greatly shows all 13 kits at once.

Update: As we reported a few months earlier, Napoli and EA7 are releasing an unprecedented amount of unique kits for the 21-22 season. Most recently, the Napoli 21-22 third shirt was unveiled, becoming the 12th jersey for this season.

To sum it up, Napoli have 4 Serie A jerseys, 3 of which are modified for the Europa League, 3 Maradona tribute shirts and a special halloween kit. This adds up to an astounding 11 shirts, not including goalkeeper kits.

Too Many? Napoli to Have at Least 11 Kits This Season

Napoli is set to be the club with the most kits in the 21-22 season. As things stand, they have 11 different kits.

Current Napoli Match Jerseys

So far, Napoli have released 7 sets of football kits.

For domestic matches, they have the home, away, third and fourth uniforms.

Kits for European competition matches are currently available in sky blue, white and red.

4 special kits have been released, 3 Maradona tributes and the other is the Halloween special.

The Upcoming Napoli Kits

The only known kit to not have been released yet is the third kit for European matches.

It was leaked that the Napoli 21-22 third kit would also come with gold trim for international games.

We think the domestic white and gold third kit will not be changed for international matches as it already features gold. Only the sponsors will have to be altered to abide by UEFA's kit regulations.

11 releases in the span of a single season is definitely quite excessive. At the rate of Napoli releasing new kits, it would not be a surprise if they have even more special shirts to unveil.

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