Bayern 22-23 Home Kit Features Exactly Same Template As Flamengo

Bayern and Flamengo, the biggest clubs in Brazil and Germany respectively, will share the kit template in the 2022-2023 season we can leak.

Adidas Use Same Template for Bayern München And Flamengo

The Adidas Bayern Munich and Flamengo 22-23 home kits have less in common at first glance. However, despite the design and club-specific logos, they are virtually identical.

The template is 100% identicalBoth have a crew neck collar, both have the Three Stripes on the shoulders area, and both have the exact same sleeves, including the contrasting cuffs. Both jerseys also only have a design on the front but none on the sleeves.

Mystery Already Revealed? "Bayern Munich x Germany" Could Be 'Ice Blue' Flamengo 22-23 Away Kit

What makes this particularly interesting is that Bayern reportedly tested an Adidas Flamengo 22-23 kit prototype in 2020. The ice blue shirt was reported to be a prototype of the Flamengo 22-23 away kit.

Flamengo 2022-23 Home Shirt

The traditional red and black stripes feature a 'wave' design, alluding to the red-black flags fluttering in the stadiums.

Flamengo 22-23 Home Kit Released - Revolutionary Design Scrapped

Bayern München 2022-23 Home Kit

The new Bayern Munich 22-23 home kit features a one-of-a-kind striped design on the front. It consists of differently sized white stripes, which look a bit similar to a barcode.

Bayern München 22-23 Home Kit Leaked - New Telekom Logo?

Do you think more Adidas teams will get that template for the 22-23 season? Which of the two kits do you prefer? Comment below.