Did Scott McTominay Borrow Pogba's Boots For Manchester Derby?

Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay seems to be a fan of the boots of his team mate, Paul Pogba.

Scott McTominay is a regular of the Adidas X Speedflow .1 soccer boots. He did never lace up in another silo this season, except on Sunday to our info.

Just As Pogba: Scott McTominay Wears Adidas Predator Freak White Spark Pack Boots With White Sole Plate

Just as Paul Pogba, Scott McTominay laced up in white and grey Adidas Predator Freak .1 Low football boots based on the White Spark paint job.

And just as Pogba's boots, McTominay's cleats did not feature a red sole plate but a white one.

There are two options where McTominay's got his boots from

There are two options for McTominay's boots. First, he got them from Adidas. Second, he got them from Paul Pogba. This would require that both wear the same shoe size. Pogba wears size 10.5, while McTominay's shoe size is not known. Both are about the same height - 1.90m (McTominay) vs 1.91m (Pogba).

It is not known if the red color came off the outsole of the Predator Freak White Spark soccer cleats or if they painted them white. Pogba's boots also come with white for the Adidas logo and the Predator branding instead of red, so it seems clear that Pogba painted them all-white.

There is some red visible on Pogba's sole plate - does the white color peel off?

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