Adidas Roll Out New Logo

In 2022, Adidas change their logo. But instead of a big launch, it appears like the Three Stripes brand roll out the new logo bit by bit.

The Three Stripes were minimally changed for the new logo

New Adidas Logo - No Big Launch But Bit By Bit Change?

The Adidas website features the new logo since Friday, April 22.

It went unnoticed back then but Adidas announced the logo change already on 10 March 2021, when they presented their growth strategy ‘Own the Game’ until 2025.

From late 2022 and the 2022 World Cup, there are three different Adidas lines - Adidas Performance, Adidas Sportswear, and Adidas Originals.

The Instagram page still features the old logo

The first product with the new logo was released on 30 March 2022, when Adidas launched the 2022 World Cup football.

Now on April 22 2022, Adidas changed the logo on their website to the new Three Stripes trademark. Some weeks before, the icon for the Apple Adidas app was changed.

Every new Adidas Performance product from November 2022 will feature the new logo

The new Adidas logo will be fully present from the 2022 World Cup. Until then, the brand's products will have the old logo. After that, every new Performance product will have the new logo.

Do you like the new Adidas logo? Do you think there will be a big launch for it? Comment below.