All Plans to Cover the Three Logo on Chelsea's Kits Have Been Rejected

We know many of you have enough of the story, but there is again an update of the Chelsea x Three saga, and it's possibly the last for a while. British newspaper Daily Mail reports that Chelsea will continue to wear the Three logo for the rest of this season. The newspaper also provides the reasons why Chelsea will not hide the logo and why Nike will not supply new shirts.

a thick tape would make the shirts potentially uncomfortable for the players

White Spray to Messy and Tape to Heavy - The Reasons Why Chelsea WillWearThe Three Logo Until The End of the Season

It is understood that a proposal to use a white spray to paint over the logos was rejected as too messy. Covering the logo with tape was also discounted, on the grounds that a thin layer would be see-through, whilst a thick tape would make the shirts too heavy and potentially uncomfortable for the players.

With all the solutions to hide the logo having been rejected, and with the government refusing to relent and permit Nike to supply more shirts, Chelsea will be in their usual kits for the foreseeable future.

Chelsea's sleeve sponsors Hyundai followed Three by suspending marketing activities on behalf of the club two days later, but did not ask for their logo to be removed.

Three have been informed about Chelsea's decision and are resigned to continuing to be associated with the club.

When still owned by Abramovich, Chelsea won't be able to get and sell their 22-23 kits

It remains to be seen what will happen at the start of next season. If Chelsea would be still owned by Abramovich, they won't be able to get and sell their 22-23 kits.

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