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Fiorentina 22-23 Fourth Kit Contest Announced

Exactly one week ago, Italian Serie A team ACF Fiorentina caused quite a storm when launching the new club logo. Now the team announced that they let fans design Fiorentina's new 2022-23 fourth strip.

Fiorentina 22-23 Fourth Kit - F4NSKIT

The design of the Kappa ACF Fiorentina 2022-2023 fourth shirt is of course not known yet. However, there are some restrictions for it.

For example, the primary colors cannot be purple (home color) or green (green is banned by Serie A from 22-23 season). You can also not modify or move the Fiorentina logo, the Kappa logo or the Mediacom logo.

Fiorentina say that they will select the "most original and most suitable designs to represent Fiorentina's image and values" and then transformed them into real match kits.

The viola fans will vote online and decide who will win the contest and will see his shirt made and worn by Fiorentina during the next season.

Here are the main guidelines to follow to propose your shirt:

Fiorentina 22-23 Fourth Kit Vote - Most Important Rules

  • Primary colors cannot be purple or green.
  • You can also use more than 3 colors as long as one is dominant.
  • You can propose a circled, striped, banded or checked design… but there must always be a dominant color.
  • You cannot replicate the Fiorentina logo or its elements (for example you cannot use the lily, the V of Viola, the name “ACF Fiorentina”).
  • You cannot modify or move the Fiorentina logo, the Kappa logo or the Mediacom logo.
  • You cannot change the shape of the shirt (collar, sleeves ... The structure must remain as it is).
  • You have to use the white mannequin that you can download here and develop a proposal in PDF, JPG or PNG format.
  • Each participant can propose only one jersey.

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You have until April 17th to submit your proposal.

Do you like that ACF Fiorentina are launching a contest for their fourth shirt? Do you think the designs will be more popular than those of BVB? Comment below, and submit your design here.