All-New Fiorentina Logo Unveiled

Fiorentina just presented a new logo to be used from the start of the 2022-23 season.

The new identity was unveiled in a video titled Play to be different, which is the club's new brand claim.

New Fiorentina 2022-23 Logo

This picture compares the previous and the new AC Fiorentina logos.

The new Fiorentina logo celebrates the club's root and glorious past by keeping the iconic lily as one of the main pieces of the design.

It's a diamond shape that perfectly fits the lily as well as a purple V for Viola (Italian for "purple") at the bottom. Purple and white edges complete the look.

The design is part of a new visual identity created by FutureBrand, an international agency that has worked with many global brands. In terms of football, they were responsible for the branding of the late Superliga Argentina.

The change process was born with the aim of making Fiorentina a global brand, making the most of our clear uniqueness, our heritage of values ​​and history, intrinsically intertwined with those of one of the most loved in the world. Building a brand strongly oriented towards tomorrow, capable of capturing the hearts of its fans all over the world and animated by the ambition to be an inspiration to an ever wider and more varied community, is the challenge that Fiorentina is facing," the official club statement reads.

Debuting with the start of next season, the new AC Fiorentina logo will first be used on the upcoming 22-23 kits.

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