Fiorentina 22-23 Fourth Kit Submission

On 2 April 2022, Serie A team ACF Fiorentina launched a contest that allows fans to design the team's new 2022-23 fourth strip. Everybody had the chance to submit a design until April 17, 2022. Now football kit connoisseur @phildelves has shared his submission for the Fiorentina 2022-2023 kit.

Fiorentina did not announce the finalists of the kit contest yetSo far, Fiorentina did not announce anything new about the kit contest. The club will make a pre-selection of their favorite designs and then let fans vote for the winner.

Fiorentina 22-23 4th Kit Submission by Phil Delves

The Fiorentina 22-23 fourth kit proposal is mainly yellow, a nod to the various yellow shirts throughout the club's history, notably the 1999 third shirt.

Phil Delves combines the yellow base with different shades of purple. The vibrant purple provides a contrast to the more classic elements of the shirt.

A subliminal pattern throughout the body is made using the shape of the new Fiorentina crest, evoking the 80s and 90s.

Fiorentina 22-23 Fourth Kit Contest Announced

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