New Adidas Campeon 23 Teamwear Kit Leaked - 9 Colorways

Several months ago, Adidas released their full 2022-23 teamwear selection. Now, we can already give you a look at the next wave of teamwear releases, intended for 2023, to be revealed in late 2022.

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Adidas will be releasing two new teamwear jerseys, one of which we revealed to be the Tiro 23 shirt. Now we can also provide you with the first look at Adidas' new Campeon 23 jersey, which comes in eight different color combinations.

New Adidas Logo: Adidas Tiro 23 Teamwear Kit Leaked - To Be Used for 2023-24 Season

Campeon 23 Jersey - NEW

The new Adidas Campeon 23 teamwear jersey features a subtle graphic on the front, consisting of many thin-lined V-shapes. Adidas also apply their new logo to the shirt, which has three stripes originating from the collar and running over the shoulders down the raglan-style sleeves.

Similar to the Adidas miteam template called mi Competition 21, the Campeon 23 collar has thin, white piping on the inside, however no piping appears on the sleeve ends.

Release Date: December 1, 2022

Price: $50

9 colorways: Black/White, White/White, Team Light Grey/White, Team Power Red 2/White, Team Navy Blue 2/White, Team Royal Blue 2/White, Team Light Blue/White, Team Green/White & Team Orange/White

Campeon Shirt History

Just like the Tiro line, Adidas' first Campeon teamwear shirt was released in 2009. Multiple iterations have followed, usually coming out in odd years (Campeon 11, Campeon 13, etc.). The only exception was 2017, when no Campeon 17 jersey was released.

The inspiration for the Campeon 19 and 21 teamwear shirts originates from Germany's home kit at the time. Take 2020 for example, where hooped stripes could be found on both the Campeon 21 and Germany home kits.

Perhaps the Campeon 23 pattern hints at what the new Germany home shirt could look like, but this is not a certainty.

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