Adidas 2022(-23) Teamwear Templates Leaked - 4 Brand-New Options

With the year nearing its end, we will soon the the various brands launch their upcoming teamwear template for the 2022 cycle.

Let's take a look at all Adidas 2022 templates, which we'll see in action from early next year and into the 2022-23 season.

Adidas Condivo 22 Template

The Adidas Condivo 22 template introduces clean designs in a least eight different colorways (black / white, white / black, team yellow / black, team royal blue / white, team light grey / white, team power red / white, team navy blue / white, team real magenta / white). The standout features include a Condivo 21-esquie collar with insets at the front, triangular side panels under the armpits and a geometric pattern that covers the front and sleeves.

Exclusive: Adidas Condivo 22 Teamwear Template Leaked - 2022-23 Season

Adidas Entrada 22 Graphic

Set to be available from early 2022, the Adidas Entrada 22 Graphic template will be available in a wide array of colors: black / white, white / team light grey, team semi solar yellow / team light grey, team navy blue / black, semi pink glow / black, sandy beige / black, team power red / shadow red, team shock pink / black, team grey four / black, team royal blue / app sky rush and clear mint / team grey four.

Exclusive: Adidas Entrada 22 Graphic Kit Template Leaked - 2022-23 Season

Entrada 22

There also is a version of the Entrada 22 template without the diagonal stripe graphic.

Adidas 22-23 Condivo 22 Goalkeeper Jersey

Adidas' 2022-23 Condivo 22 Goalkeeper shirt has a unique all-over graphic design made up of different geometrical shapes.

Adidas Condivo 22 GK Template Leaked - 7 Colorways for the 2022-23 Season and 2022 World Cup

Adidas Regista 22 (no pictures)

We have conflicting info about the existence of a new Regista 22 model, but no pictures so far.

Carry Over

Various existing template options will be carried over into the 2022 cycle, including Condivo 21.

Adidas Condivo 21 Jersey

The Adidas Condivo 21 shirt is available in at least five basic colorways: team royal blue, team navy blue, team power red, black and white.

Condivo 20 Replaced After 1 Year: All-New Adidas Condivo 21 'Primeblue' Teamwear Template Leaked - 2021-22 Season

Adidas Campeon 21

Just as was the case with its predecessor, Campeon 19, the Adidas Campeon 21 jersey is based on the design of Germany's home kit. It has a simple design with tonal pinstripes. The Three Stripes are placed on the sides.

Germany EURO 2020 Inspired: Adidas Campeon 21 Teamwear Jerseys Leaked

Adidas Striped 21 Jersey

The Adidas Striped 21 shirt template introduces a clean design with an irregular and multi-colored stripe pattern, to replace the current Striped 19 model.

Adidas Striped 21 Teamwear Template Leaked - 2021-22 Season

Adidas Squadra 21 Jersey

The Adidas Squadra 21 shirt introduces a basic look with its outstanding feature of course being the Adidas logo, which is placed on the both sleeves instead of the chest. The 3 Stripes are placed on the stripes as well, going all the way from the collar to the end of the sleeves, with the area around the brand logos being the only exception.

No Logo on Front: Adidas Squadra 21 Teamwear Kit Leaked - 21-22 Season

Adidas Entrada 18 Kit Template

A simplistic yet remarkable look, the Adidas Entrada 18 shirt template is solid-colored with the 3 Stripes placed on the shoulders and a big stripe on each side of the jersey.

Adidas Entrada 18 World Cup Kit Template Released

What do you think about the Adidas lineup for the 2022 teamwear cycle? Comment below.