Bayern 22-23 Home Kit Prototype Leaked

We have interesting news regarding the recently released FC Bayern 22-23 home shirt. We can give you a look at what was potentially a prototype for the final version of the jersey.

Bayern München 22-23 Home Kit Released

Bayern 22-23 Home Shirt Prototype

Here is a possible prototype for Adidas' Bayern 22-23 home shirt.

As can easily be made out, the main differences between this shirt and Bayern's official home kit are the logo colors and outlines.

On the prototype version of the shirt, black Adidas and Deutsche Telekom logos come with white outlines; the exact opposite of the real kit.

Another difference, albeit more sublte, is the placement of the barcode pattern. On the prototype, the white stripes are offset differently to the real home shirt.

What do you think of this scrapped version of Bayern's new home shirt? Which version of the home kit do you prefer? Comment below.