New Dundee United Logo Released

We have another logo news as Scottish Premiership Dundee United have updated their logo.

Dundee United FC 2022 Logo

The new Dundee United FC logo is a modernization of the previous crest that was launched in 1993. It retains all the core elements of the previous badge history but all in a more contemporary design.

With the font's roots in old-century logos and signage, there is a good balance of old and new to the overall aesthetic

Dundee United Logo History

The crest now use a contemporary font that has a sans serif base with a touch of flare to it. The lion has been redrawn as a clear depiction with refined lines and the revised background palette with a clear black outline of the diamond allowing it to become a key element of the new branding.

Switching the triangle colors on the background palette has enhanced and gave clarity to the lion's face and alongside precision, consistency and alignment throughout the crest, gives a sense of unity and reflects the club's core values and desire to continue recent growth.

According to Dundee United, there "was an obvious need to improve the look and feel of the club brand and digital strategy to reach into new markets, both domestically and internationally".

The Dundee United brand regeneration was developed by Dundee-based design studio Creative Graffix.

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