Closer Look: Full Premier League Ball History

A few days ago, Nike unveiled the new football for the upcoming Premier League season, which will kick off on August 5 2022 with the match between Crystal Palace and Arsenal. Before the new season finally begins we want to take a look back at all Premier League footballs ever.

Nike Premier League 22-23 Ball Revealed

Premier League Ball History | 1992-2023

Check out all Premier League balls below (via @ProD_Soccer).

First of all, only two brands made the official Premier League football yet - Mitre (1992-00) and Nike (2000-).

Mitre only supplied the official Premier League ball during the 1990s and only created to different versions to be used over the span of 8 years. Both Mitre Premier League footballs rely on a simple white base in combination with a graphic pattern.

Once Nike took over the American sportswear giant seized the opportunity and started to release a new Premier League football every year. Back then, the base design was retained over a few years with only the accents colours changing slightly.

The 2008-09 season was the first time a base design was only kept for one season, and ever since then the Premier League receives a new ball every season with a unique set of colours and a custom graphic pattern.

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