FC Barcelona 22-23 Home Kit Evokes Memories of Centenary Kit

In early June, FC Barcelona released the club's new 2022-23 home jersey, and it does feature some obvious similarities to FC Barcelona's 1999-2000 centenary kit that also included a lot of navy, which was prominently featured around the sleeve area back then.

FC Barcelona 22-23 Home Kit Vs 1999-00 Centenary Kit

Back in 1999, FC Barcelona released a very special home jersey to celebrate the club's 100th birthday. The FC Barcelona 1999-00 centenary kit features a half-and-half design which is inspired by the club's first-ever jersey. Additionally, a lot of navy is present at the top of the shirt.

Coincidentally, the FC Barcelona 2022-23 home jersey also comes with completely navy sleeves as well as a lot of navy around the upper part of the jersey. Apart from the use of navy, both jerseys do not share any obvious similarities.

In fact, FC Barcelona claims that the new home shirt is 'inspired by Barcelona Olympic city on the 30th anniversary of the 1992 Games'.

However, the club also picked up on the connection, and recently shared an edit of Ronaldinho wearing the club's 22-23 home jersey in his prime.

What do you think of FC Barcelona's 2022-23 home kit? Do you like the return of navy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.