Mirandes 22-23 Home & Away Kits Released

We have kit news from La Liga 2 as Mirandes launched their new Adidas 2022-23 home and away shirts several days ago.

Mirandes 22-23 Home Kit

This is the new Adidas CD Mirandes home shirt for 22-23.

The Adidas Mirandes 22-23 home jersey was created using the mi Condivo 22 template, combining a red base with the chevron graphic option in black. All logos appear in white, as do the Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

The sleeve tops and shoulders come in black, matching the color of the collar.

The shorts and socks of the Mirandes 2022-2023 home uniform are black.

Mirandes 22-23 Away Kit

This is the new Adidas Mirandes away jersey for 22-23.

Based on the mi Competition 21 template, the Adidas Mirandes 2022-2023 away shirt is mainly yellow, reusing an old graphic, the Tiro 19 design in red. The back and sleeves come in solid yellow with the shoulder tops, collar and sleeve cuffs in black.

All logos, including Mirandes' crest, are monochrome black.

Yellow shorts and socks complete the new Adidas Mirandes 2022-23 away uniform.

The Adidas Mirandes 2022-2023 home and away football shirts will be available online soon.

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